MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth
MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth
MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth
MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth
MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth
MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth
MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth

MIJIA MEO701 Portable Oral Irrigator Dental Teeth Whitening Flosser Bucal Tooth Cleaner Waterpulse Water Thread for Teeth

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User Instructions:

Power On/Off

Short-press the power button to turn the device on/off. The product has a 2-minute timer function; after 2 minutes of use, it will automatically turn off. To continue using, short-press the power button to turn it on.

Correct Usage

Hold the toothbrush vertically, insert the nozzle into the oral cavity, align it with the tooth gaps or gums, and slightly open your mouth for smooth water flow after oral cleaning.

Tip: Clean teeth sequentially, moving along the teeth slowly. Align the nozzle with the gum line and keep it perpendicular to the gums. Do not direct the water jet directly into periodontal pockets. Do not forcefully press the nozzle against teeth or gums; otherwise, the device may activate the blockage protection function in strong mode—pausing with all mode indicator lights flashing white for 15 seconds. After the lights go off, restart the device to resume normal operation.


1Avoid pressing the nozzle forcefully against the gums or teeth to prevent gum damage.

2.Do not damage, modify, forcefully bend, pull, or twist the charging cable.

3.Before use, cleaning, or maintenance, unplug the power adapter and charging cable.

4.Do not place the product in high-temperature or humid areas and avoid direct sunlight.

5.Ensure to connect to a power source with a voltage rating matching its specifications; otherwise, it may cause electric shock or fire.

6.Do not use the product without the nozzle.

7.Do not use water with a temperature higher than 40°C to fill the water tank and clean the mouth to prevent burns.

8.For first-time users of this product, even those with healthy gums may experience itching or bleeding initially. This is due to the gums not being accustomed to this type of stimulation, and this condition generally disappears within 1-2 weeks.

9.First-time users are advised to use the sensitive mode for the first week and switch to other modes after adaptation.

Mi Home electric toothbrush

Powerful performance for comprehensive oral hygiene.

Features high-frequency pulsating water flow, a unique stabilizing pressure system, four-speed modes, and a large 1200mL water tank.

Deep cleaning and dental care solution for oral hygiene. Inadequate cleaning of interdental spaces and gum pockets is a major cause of oral diseases such as cavities and gingivitis. Ordinary toothbrushes and dental floss struggle to thoroughly remove dental plaque, but the pulsating water flow generated by the dental irrigator can penetrate deep into interdental spaces and gum pockets, flushing away food residues to prevent oral diseases. It also massages the gums, reducing gum bleeding.

High-frequency pulsating water column with 1400 pulses per minute for powerful and instant teeth cleaning. Equipped with a new-generation carbon brush smart permanent magnet motor, achieving a water pressure of up to 140PSI*, generating a high-frequency pulsating water column of 1400 times per minute*. This penetrates deep into interdental spaces and oral blind spots, swiftly flushing away food residues and caring for the gums.

Unique stabilizing system for an invigorating dental experience. Utilizing a distinctive stabilizing system, it can control water pressure to ensure a consistent output. This allows the dental irrigator to deliver a strong and powerful pulsating water flow even at low battery levels, ensuring a consistently invigorating experience at all times.

*The above illustrations are for demonstration purposes only, and there may be deviations in actual product appearance.

0.6mm standard nozzle diameter for precise cleaning of interdental gaps and hard-to-reach areas. The fine 0.6mm diameter of the standard nozzle effortlessly navigates between teeth, providing precise cleaning for interdental gaps and oral corners. Deep cleaning of teeth helps effectively prevent oral issues such as cavities and gingivitis.

4 types of professional nozzles to meet various oral care needs:

1. Standard Nozzle: Suitable for daily teeth cleaning, effectively cleans interdental gaps and residual food particles in molars.

2. Tongue Coating Cleaning Nozzle: Used for daily tongue coating cleaning to maintain fresh breath.

3. Orthodontic Nozzle: Specifically designed for users with braces, it flushes away residual food between braces.

4. Periodontal Pocket Nozzle: Can deeply clean 6mm periodontal pockets, suitable for individuals with gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Meets the stringent standards of the United States FDA for added peace of mind. Compliant with the U.S. FDA's food and drug safety standards, ensuring the use of food-grade materials for a secure and trustworthy experience.

4 modes with a mode memory function so that each time you turn it on, it's in your preferred mode:

1. Intense Mode: Powerful water pressure for deep cleaning of interdental gaps and stubborn stains in hard-to-reach areas.

2. Standard Mode: Standard water pressure for efficient cleaning, suitable for the majority of users.

3. Gentle Mode: Gentle water pressure, suitable for beginners and individuals with oral sensitivity.

4. Pulse Mode: Variable frequency pulsating water pressure, can massage the gums and alleviate oral bleeding.

Smart 2-minute power-off for care at every moment. After 2 minutes of operation, the dental irrigator automatically shuts down to prevent potential damage caused by users forgetting to turn it off, ensuring safety and longevity of the device.

200mL large-capacity water tank* meets the cleaning needs in one session. With a spacious 200mL water tank, filling it once is sufficient for a complete teeth cleaning session, eliminating the need for frequent refills and ensuring convenience.

Removable water tank design for convenient cleaning and hygienic use. Both the water tank and nozzles are made of highly transparent materials, allowing for clear visibility of any dirt or impurities in the water tank. The detachable water tank design facilitates timely cleaning of scale, dust, and other pollutants, ensuring a dry and clean environment.

45 days of ultra-long battery life*—a must-have for lazy individuals, ready to use whenever needed. Equipped with a 2200mAh lithium battery, it takes 4 hours to fully charge via Type-C, providing up to 45 days of usage. No need to worry about charging during business trips or travel, offering convenience and peace of mind.
*Based on one-minute usage per day calculation.

Equipped with a nozzle storage box for hygiene and dust prevention, making it portable for travel. After using the dental irrigator, simply detach the nozzle and place it in the storage box for sanitary and dust-free storage, ensuring convenience on the go.

IPX7 waterproof* allows the entire device to be washed for easy cleaning. Tested and certified to withstand immersion in water up to a certain depth, ensuring that the device can be rinsed as needed to keep it clean and pristine at all times.

Compact and easy-to-grip body designed to conform to ergonomic principles. The 360° rotatable nozzle provides comprehensive oral cleaning, and the sealed water cap prevents water leakage when closed.

Nozzle Update Notice: *The product design has undergone some changes. Both the old and new appearances will be shipped randomly. The old version does not have a rotation positioning feature, but it does not affect the normal functionality. Please feel confident in your purchase.

Instructions for use:

1. Install the nozzle.

2. Fill the water tank with water.

3. Select the desired mode.

4. Insert the nozzle into the mouth, aiming at the interdental spaces or gums.

5. Turn on the device and start using.

*For users experiencing itching or bleeding during the initial use, especially those with sensitive gums, this may be because the gums are not accustomed to the device. It is recommended to use the sensitive mode for a period until adaptation before trying other modes.

*The values of 1400 pulses per minute, 140PSI water pressure, and battery life are based on the strong mode.

*The actual diameter of the standard nozzle is 0.6mm, with a control deviation of ±0.1mm.

*The FDA testing was conducted by TÜV Rheinland Shenzhen Co., Ltd. The report number is: CANEC1922727701.

*The dental irrigator's water tank has a capacity of 200mL, with a control deviation of ±10mL. It is not recommended to add chemical products such as mouthwash to the water tank; it is advisable to use plain water.

*IPX7 waterproof rating testing was conducted by Dongguan Noel Detection Technology Co., Ltd. The report number is: NTC1910221SV00.

*Unless otherwise specified, the parameters mentioned on this page are from internal laboratory experiments, and there may be variations due to different objective environments.


Working Power: 12W

Waterproof Level: IPX7

Irrigator Dimensions: 70.0 x 47.0 x 207.0mm (manufacturing tolerance ±1.0mm, excluding nozzles)

Product Model: MEO701

Working Voltage: 3.7V⎓

Rated Input: 5⎓1A

Charging Time: 4 hours

Packaging List:

Main Unit x1

Periodontal Pocket Nozzle x1

Water Tank x1

Tongue Coating Cleaning Nozzle x1

Standard Nozzle x1

Type-C Charging Cable x1

Orthodontic Nozzle x1

Nozzle Storage Box X1

User Manual x1

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