Travel Adapter  Portable Charging  Convertor
Travel Adapter  Portable Charging  Convertor
Travel Adapter  Portable Charging  Convertor
Travel Adapter  Portable Charging  Convertor
Travel Adapter  Portable Charging  Convertor
Travel Adapter  Portable Charging  Convertor

WEKOME Travel Adapter

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WEKOME Universal Travel Adapter with 2 USB and 3 Type-C Ports Travel Converter Adapter Combo for 224 Countries UK US EU Plug

Product sellpoints
2 USB and 3 Type-C Ports: Charge multiple devices at once with 2 USB and 3 Type-C ports.
Travel Converter Adapter Combo: This adapter comes with a travel converter combo, making it easy to use in different countries.
UL, CE, and FCC Certified: This product is certified by UL, CE, and FCC, ensuring its safety and quality.


• 2 USB and 3 Type-C Ports :Charge multiple devices simultaneously with 2 USB and 3 Type-C ports.

• Universal Compatibility :Compatible with 224 countries, including the UK, US, and EU.

• Qualcomm Quick Charge :The adapter supports Qualcomm Quick Charge technology for fast charging.

• High Power Output :With a maximum output power of 30W, this adapter can handle high-power devices.

Discover the Versatility of WEKOME Travel Adapter

⚡🔋Single-Port Output Mode:

USB-A Output:5.0V = 2.4A12W Max

USB-C1/C2 0utput: 5.0V=3.0A 15W Max

USB-C3 Output: 5.0V = 2.4A 12W,9.0V = 3.0A 27W

12.0V=2.5A 30W,15.0V=2.0A 30W,20.0V=1.5A 30W

⚡🔋Multi-Port Output Mode:

USB-A output: 5.0V = 3.0a 15W max for Port 2.4A Max

USB-C1/C2 output: 5.0V = 30A 15W max for Port 3A Max

USB-A + USB-1/C2 + usb-3output: 5.0V = 4.0a 20W max;

Total DC Output:30.0W

Traveling worldwide? The WEKOME Travel Adapter has got you covered. This all-in-one converter is a necessary accessory for global travelers, keeping your devices powered and ready in over 224 countries. Its compact build and powerful features will be the solution for all your charging needs. Stay charged, stay connected, and never miss a moment.

Designed for the modern traveler, this adapter is not just a tool but the answer to all your power needs. It includes 2 USB and 3 Type-C ports, making it versatile and suitable for charging multiple devices simultaneously. This means you can charge your phone, tablet, and laptop all at once. Keep your gear running, and stay connected with the world!

The compact design of the WEKOME Travel Adapter makes it an easy-to-carry accessory. It's small enough to fit in any travel bag, yet its capabilities outshine its size. Whether you're in the UK, US, or EU, this adapter ensures you won't need any other. This isn't just an adapter; it's your trusty travel buddy.

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